Our Philosophy

Friends with Nature

Nature is life. This belief makes us strive to understand the mysteries of life by respecting nature, learning from it, and sharing the knowledge. Our vision is to create natural spaces and to share them with like-minded people. When you are in touch with the things we do, we want you to feel connected to both your inner self and all the things surrounding you. We believe that everything that happens with an open heart is beautiful and good.

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Connectedness is created by people

Our work is based on family values, the most important of which are trust, safety and support. Our story is co-created with our trusty employees and partners, who are just as much part of our family as we are. And the same goes for all of you who feel and support us.

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Genuineness, Connectedness and Kindness

We are committed to all things genuine. Be it in connection with nature, the community or interpersonal relationships. We draw from past experiences, learn from them and create new adventures. We bring together the past, the present and the future, turning them into a common story. We believe that being close to nature evokes the feelings of belonging and presence – here and now.

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Man Hand in Hand with Nature

Living a dynamic urban life, many people forget to stop and think about how to find the peace of mind. We used to too. But then we found a new path that led us to a more natural life and brought us closer to what life is all about. We can help you discover this path when you realise it's the right one for you.

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Working towards a Better World

The primal human need is to live in a natural environment. In the western world, many people have forgotten about this, so our vision is to create worlds where you can experience life in close contact with nature. With each genuine experience we share, we aim to create a friendlier, more responsible and better world.